Bridal Makeup

Not only do I strive to make you beautiful but you will feel like the most beautiful bride ever. With this make-up, I do highlight and contouring to bring out your best features and hide any imperfection to give a flawless look. You will receive false lashes to make the eyes pop more. Both eyebrow will be trimmed into its natural shape. After I have applied your makeup, a setting spray is used to set your application so that it does not smudge or come of before your wedding day is done.All this is included in the Bridal makeup.

What the Bride needs to know:

I personally prefer a bride to do a trial before the big day. This will help me to know what looks good on you and it will save time on the wedding day. A Bride should not stress on her big day. It should be a relaxing wonderful day and by doing the trail, it will help to achieve that goal. Payment will secure your trial date and time. It will also secure your makeup for the wedding day.

All trial makeups are done during the week because most weddings are done over a weekend so I do need to keep my weekends open for the big day. But if it's not possible to do during the week I will try and accommodate my client .

Day and Evening Makeup

Make sure you are ready for your big night out, being a work function, Matric farewell or any special occasion with a range of looks from natural to full-on glamour. This makeup has no highlight and contouring except for the Matric Farewell. I prefer to do a trail before any big day but at the end it is my clients choice. I welcome any idea's that my client may have on how they want to be makeup, but I do what is best to bring out the real you. I will never give you a look that you are not comfortable with. When you are happy then I am happy.

Photographical Makeup

This style of application is the same as bridal. With this make-up, I do highlight and contouring to bring out your best features and hide any imperfection to give a flawless look.

By applying false lashes and trimming the eyebrows, it will bring out your eyes and make it pop. Remember, this makeup will always be darker than normal because when you take a photo it takes away 50% of your makeup and you do not want to look like you don't have any makeup on when you do your photo shoot.

Theatrical Makeup

Theatrical Makeup is very extreme. Theatrical makeup is makeup that is used to assist in creating the appearance of the characters that actors portray during a theater production. This makeup enhances the features of the performers so the audience at the back of the house can connect with them, and it brings to life a world of fantasy.

On set with such a production I demonstrate products to clients, and provide instruction in makeup application. Provide performers with makeup removal assistance after performances have been completed. I have to stay through the whole play. As a makeup artist I have to study production information, such as character descriptions, period settings, and situations, to determine how the makeup will be done for each character.

The duration will depend on the type of production. I will be onsite to assist while production is ongoing and charge per hour for this.

Please check availability before booking and contact me for pricing.


One-on-One Makeup Sessions

With this makeup application, you will learn how to do your makeup like a professional by investing in yourself. The duration of this makeup is 2-3 hours as I will show you step by step on how to do your own makeup by learning the following:

• Colour and attribute analysis
• Making the most of your natural beauty and hiding any imperfections
• How to apply eye shadow to enhance your eyes and shape
• How to create the perfect eyebrow shape
• How to contour your cheekbones
• How to enhance your lip shape
• How to make your makeup last all day
• What not to do
• Step by step demonstration on how to achieve a day and evening look



Terms and Conditions:
• Travel cost is charged at R4 per km, which covers petrol to and from my destination.
• Each face takes 45 minutes – 1 and half hours, depending on the specifications. If there are more faces than time, you will need to request a second makeup artist.
• I require a clean surface, enough natural light and space to work in. If there are no highchairs available, please inform me so that I can provide my own.
• Always make sure your face is clean and moisturized for my arrival because it will save time and I do need to start with a clean canvas to get that flawless look.
• I will need 30% deposit to ensure your place is booked for that special day. If I do not receive the deposit, I cannot book your date. The rest of the amount outstanding need to be paid into my account 3 days prior to your booked day. Please note that if payment does not reflect in my account the day before the appointment, I will cancel the makeup appointment and the deposit will not be paid back.
• Any cancellations need to be done a month before the booked date, otherwise, your deposit will not be paid back.